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The digital age is the world our children are born into and information technology increasingly provides them with the communication tools of the 21st Century. 

Our vision is to incorporate ICT into their education, as we believe in its incredible ability to inspire children’s learning and to communicate ideas in a way previous generations would not believe possible. 

We want our children to be confident and capable learners in the digital age.

Our computing curriculum follows a three-part structure. 

1 - Networking and E-Safety
Both children in Key stage 1 and 2 will develop their skills using large area networks; such as the internet, safely and effectively. They will practice using the VLE, blogging, emailing and creating projects, whilst learning about safety when using digital media, and learning skills to deal with potential internet dangers.

2 - Use of ICT
Children will learn how to use digital media to research, present and evaluate work. This could be through any subject across the curriculum, and will centre around the use of iPad technologies. Children will learn how pod/vodcast create visually interesting information posters and work for display. They will also develop their animation skills, telling stories through a range of animation software.

3 - Programming
Children will develop a sense of programming using a web-based interactive game. They will learn how to write algorithms, finding problems and debugging poorly built programs. There will also be extra-curricular opportunities to engage with programming, such as Raspberry Pi and Scratch game building.

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