EAL children being supported through previewing stories before the rest of their class and talking about the book in greater detail. Previewing sessions are particularly useful in identifying unknown tricky vocabulary. Misconceptions can be addressed and children's knowledge further developed.

The question ball is used to prompt the children to ask questions about the story assessing their understanding.

Role play shopping activities develop conversational English skills where Mrs Weimann can model correct grammar to the children. It is also used to look at coin recognition and develop understanding of problem solving using addition and subtraction.

MEAS Sharing Good Practice

Margaret Wakefield and Marta Weimnan were asked to deliver a training session for other Wirral teachers showing how we in Egremont support our EAL learners, particularly our children newly arrived from other countries. These pictures show other professionals looking at the practical ways we deliver the curriculum tailored to EAL needs.

EAL Community Links

Coffee mornings welcoming parents and building links with our Polish, Tamil and Bengali families. There will be further coffee mornings and parent workshops in the future.

The Fairfields website has a wealth of information on regarding good practice to support staff with new arrivals, questions to find out about the child, welcoming families as well as dual language posters, vocabulary in many different languages and links to other useful websites. There is a lot to explore in this site!

Fairfield EAL Resources

Wirral Multicultural Centre Website

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