Our Staff

Our Staff (2019-2020)

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs M Eastwood

Acting Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Wood

Acting Assistant Headteacher/SENCo: Mrs S Evans

Acting Assistant Headteacher/EYFS: Mrs M Wakefield


Middle Leadership Team

KS1 Phase Leader: Miss J Walsh

Lower KS2 Phase Leader: Mrs S Foy

Upper KS2 Phase Leader: Miss S Merry

Pastoral Leader: Mrs L Bresnen



FS1: Mrs Blake and Mrs Hall

FS2: Mrs Wakefield and Mrs Niccolls (Mrs Rooney on Maternity Leave)

Staff working across the phase: Mrs Walker, Mrs Thompson and Miss Adamson


KS1 Team

Year 1: Miss Hoey

Year 1/2: Mrs Walker and Mrs Evans

Year 2: Miss Walsh

Staff working across the phase: Ms Plant, Miss Adamson, Mr Jackson, Miss Burr


KS2 Team

Year 3: Mrs Foy

Year 3/4: Mrs Mohamed and Mrs Woodward

Year 4: Miss Harris

Year 5: Mrs Buhalfaia 

Year 5: Mr Jones

Year 6: Miss Merry

Year 6: Mrs Wood

Staff working across the phase: Mrs Unsworth, Mrs Birch, Mrs Dutton, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Ward, Mrs Weimann, Mrs Kemp, 



Robins: Miss Cain

Sparrows: Miss Flanagan

Staff working across the classes: Mrs Weir, Mr McMahon, Mr Hall


Support Staff

Pastoral: Mrs Lamont

Administration: Mrs Johnson and Mrs Billeau

Site Maintenance and Cleaning: Mr McClennan, Mrs McDerment, Ms Young

Lunchtime Supervision: Dot, Kim, Mary, Abi, Sue, Tracey C, Lorraine, Mandy, Tracey S

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