In Egremont Primary School our Science curriculum provides a hands on approach in every lesson. Each lesson is based on the children exploring, doing and using their scientific knowledge and experimenting skills to gain a deeper in-depth understanding of all the Science strands.

In Science, we use a variety of teaching and learning styles, such as research, investigation, exploration, collaborative work and individual work.

Our main aim is to develop pupils’ scientific skills, knowledge and understanding through challenging, motivating activities that extend the pupils learning. This can be through whole-class teaching, small group work, paired work or independent learning.

We aim to support children’s learning of knowledge , conceptual understanding and working scientifically. We do this by following a scheme of work called ‘Snap Science.’ The focus of this scheme is to underpin every lesson with the children working scientifically.’ This means that every lesson contains knowledge, conceptual learning and some working scientifically objectives.

Once a term we will hold a ‘Floor Book Day’. On this day all children will be involved in completing a scientific experiment from start to finish. This gives the children a chance to explore, create and understand the full process of a scientific experiment.

Floor Book day sequence -

  • Create questions.
  • Choose a question to investigate.
  • Identify the variables.
  • Write predictions.
  • Create a method.
  • Complete the experiment.
  • Collect data in a table.
  • Display data in a graph. 
  • Write a conclusion.
  • Write an evaluation.
  • Create next step questions.

Here at Egremont we feel this is an important process to go through from start to finish once a term. It gives the children control and the enthusiasm to start to explore the world independently using the model given.

Children also complete parts of this process in every Science lesson.

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