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Our Staff

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Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs M Eastwood

Deputy Headteacher: Miss L Flynn

Assistant Headteacher/EYFS: Mrs M Wakefield

Assistant Headteacher/KS2 Lead: Miss S Merry


Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Eastwood, Miss Flynn, Mrs Wakefield, Miss Hoey, Miss Merry, Mrs Barlow


Middle Leadership Team

KS1 Phase Leader: Mrs J Barlow

KS2 Phase Leader: Miss S Merry

SENCO: Miss G Hoey




Teachers: Mrs Wakefield, Mrs Hall, Mr Brotherton 

Staff working across the phase: Mrs Thompson, Mrs Wong, Miss Piercy, Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Kemp, Mrs Moore


KS1 Team

Year 1H: Miss Hayes

Year 1B: Miss Bailey

Year 2BW: Mrs Barlow and Mrs Woodward

Year 2HR: Miss Healing and Mrs Rooney

Staff working across the phase: Miss Lloyd, Miss Bailey, Miss Liu, Mrs Donnelly, Mr Shakeshaft


LKS2 Team

Year 3C: Miss Cassidy

Year 3MW: Mrs Mohammed and Mrs Walker

Year 4J: Mr Jones

Year 4M:  Miss McCauley

Staff working across the phase: Mrs Weir, Mr McMahon, Mrs Clegg, Miss McDerment, Mrs Kemp


UKS2 Team

Year 5P: Miss Phennah

Year 5R: Miss Roberts

Year 6M: Miss Merry

Year 6B: Mr Button

Year 5/6F: Miss Flanagan

Staff working across the phase: Mrs Unsworth, Mrs Birch, Mr Neilson, Mrs Adamson, Mr G and Mrs Kemp


Support Staff

Administration: Mrs Billeau and Miss Walton 

Site Maintenance and Cleaning: Mr McClennan, Mrs McDerment, Ms Young, Mrs Skinner, Miss McDerment, Ms Archer

Lunchtime Supervision: Dot, Mary, Abi, Sue, Lorraine and Alex


PE Staff (non-school based)

Kris Leigh - Break the Mould

Mark Williams - MW Primary PE

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