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Assessment Results

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Data for 2022-2023 (unvalidated)

  School National
Reading 67% (17% GDS) 73%
Writing 67% (4% GDS) 71%
Maths 72% (15% DGS) 73%
Combined 57% (2% GDS) 59%

Data for 2021-2022

The summer of 2022 saw the return of national testing. Children in England in Years 2 and 6 took SATs examinations, children in Years 1 and 2 took the phonics screening check and the children in Year 4 took the Multiplication Check. As this was the first year since the pandemic, the government decided not to produce national tables. The tests were marked and scored in exactly the same way as they have been previously and children and schools received the outcomes. Though the data wasn't published nationally, the national results were also shared with schools.

Despite the pandemic, and in line with all of the positive changes taking place at Egremont, we were thrilled with our outcomes. The improved test outcomes are testament to the hard work of the children and staff in school and are reflective of the amazing work taking place here on a daily basis. 

The charts below show our data and the local and national figures for 2022.

Year 6

2019 was the date of the last available test data. The end column in table below shows the progress that the school has made, despite the pandemic.

Subject School 2022 National 2022 Wirral 2022 School difference 2019/2022
Reading (R) 73% 74% 71% + 30%
Writing (W) 66% 70% 64% + 32%
Maths (M) 80% 71% 64% + 33%
R, W, M combined. 59% 59% 52% + 40%


Average Test Scores in Y6

Test Paper School National Wirral
Reading 106 105 102
Maths 106 104 103


Year 4

In 2022, pupils in Y4 sat the Multiplication Check (MTC) for the first time. This is a new test that has been introduced to check how fluently children can recall multiplication facts. The test is completed online. A pass mark was not issued but data is available for children scoring full marks (25) and the average mark scored by all pupils who sat the test. This information is recorded in the table below.

  School Wirral North West National
Full Marks (25) 38.2% 24% 27% 27%
Average Score 21 19.5 19.9 19.8


Data for 2019-2020

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, schools were instructed to close on Friday 20th March 2020 to pupils other than those in vulnerable groups or whose parents are key workers. The government then took the decision to cancel the Key Stage 2 SATs and therefore no external data is available for the 2020 cohort. 


Data for 2020-2021

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic continuing, there were no national assessments and therefore there is no external data available for this period. 


The School Comparison Tool

This can be used to view data from individual schools and compare performance across schools using a similar graphical presentation to the Data Dashboard. Please use the link below to access the comparison tool for our school.

School Comparison Tool

DFE School Performance Tables (Wirral)

Government School Performance Tables


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