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At Egremont Primary School, we are passionate about the power of reading. We ensure that our children have a minimum of 3 dedicated sessions per day whereby there is a focus on reading. Our first opportunity is in English - all of our lessons are based around books/texts. We also have a daily shared, guided or whole class reading lesson. At 3pm everyday, our whole school enjoys a class text - this is when an adult reads to us. Throughout the day we have other opportunities to read too - we might choose to do this at break or lunchtime, we might visit our diverse reading area, listen to a story in assembly or use books as sources of information for our learning across the curriculum.

The adults in our school are working hard to help us broaden our vocabulary - this is an important part of our cultural capital. They are facilitating and encouraging this by ensuring that we have lots of opportunities to read and a broad range of reading materials. 

We connect with authors on twitter and enjoy it when the authors engage with us and comment on our work. Some of our favourite authors are Vashti Hardy, Catherine Bruton, Isabel Thomas and Phil Earle. If you look at the resources section of Vashti Hardy's website, you can see that she has used some of our ideas to help other children and teachers with their learning around her books. 

This is our diverse reading area. The adults in our school recognise the importance of celebrating diversity through books and they know that it is also important for all children to feel a connection with a character or story. We can read these books independently, with an adult or with a friend. These books are also used in our lessons and during assembly time.



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